Cryptocurrency by market capitalization

top Cryptocurrency by market capitalization

This article will take a look at some of the most popular cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.

Starting with one of the largest name in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin($BTC),XRP ($XRP),Ethereum ($ETH) to Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), Tether ($USDT), Binance Coin ($BNB),Litecoin ($LTC), EOS ($EOS), Bitcoin SV ($BSV) and Tezos ($XTZ).


List of Cryptocurrencies by market cap:


  1. Bitcoin($176,467,924,061)
  2. Ethereum($26,422,803,135)
  3. XRP($8,956,426,803)
  4. Bitcoin Cash($8,796,153,897)
  5. Tether($4,541,115,314)
  6. Binance Coin($2,735,616,081)
  7. Litecoin($3,015,829,001)
  8. EOS($2,529,267,194)
  9. Bitcoin SV($3,626,176,426)
  10. Cardano($2,050,876,020)
  11. Tezos($2,048,416,166)
  13. Stellar($1,442,743,176)
  14. Chainlink($1,430,739,162)
  15. UNUS Sed Leo($1,186,898,962)
  16. Monero($1,173,916,180)
  17. TRON($1,074,411,055)
  18. Huobi Token($902,845,990)
  19. Ethereum classic($850,065,404)
  20. Neo($760,337,496)


Top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation in 2020

Top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation in 2020

list of some of the big cryptocurrencies by market cap



How many Cryptocurrencies are there?

There are more than 5392 cryptocurrencies with a total market cap of nearly 201billion $ as per 2020. The trend seems to increase day by day as online payments become common in the world. The most interesting fact is that out of 5392 cryptocurrencies Bitcoin alone carries the market capitalization of nearly 181.5 billion$ then comes Ethreum that carries 16.1billion$ and then XRP that has total assets of 9.5 billion$.


Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020:

Cryptocurrency is one of the best digital assets you need to have that you can use in a variety of use including international trading. The most important benefit of these currencies is that they offer secure and low transaction payments make them a unique way to invest. Here are some of the key factors you need to take account before investing in cryptocurrencies


Things to take care before investing in cryptocurrency:


  • market capitalization: It is the value of all the coins that the particular cryptocurrency have. More the value of these coins means more coins are being involved in online transactions and thus more value it will have and thus more people will be interested in buying that coin because it’s more stable and more trustworthy. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency by market cap and has a worth of 161billion$.
  • Liquidity level: The higher the liquidity level, the faster it will be sold at standard market prices. One of the important factors in this is Trading activity. The more the trading activity in a particular currency the more demanding it become and thus more likely to be sold easily than the other one. Bitcoin, Etherum and Ripple have one of the best Liquidity levels.

Here are some of the most popular cryptocurrency with one of the highest market cap as well the highest Liquidity level.


Bitcoin-Best Cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization:

Earlier in August 2008, came into existence. In October 2008 a paper was published named Bitcoin that explain to people how users can use peer to peer Cash system in their daily life and this is how bitcoin existence came. The currency keeps on becoming popular among different people as more and more people start to use this in their businesses. Today this cryptocurrency has a market cap of 161 billion$ and is one the top of the most popular cryptocurrency. Its value will continue to increase as in future. Here is the past trend as well as future prediction trend of bitcoin:


bitcoin price prediction 2020



Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also one of the best ways to make online payments across the border. What makes Ethereum unique is across its smart contracts.

This makes the payment system more accurate, transparent and faster than the ordinary system. This feature is not a part of bitcoin that gives Ethereum additional point. There are few predictions regarding Ethereum that its price will be doubled by 2020 and will be increased to 1488$. If this prediction came true then its total market capitalization of 148billion$.

Now the question is should I buy ethereum or bitcoin. So if you want smart contract apps then use Ethereum also it’s inexpensive then bitcoin and has a big margin to elevate in future. Whereas bitcoin is best for paying, it’s one of the most popular names with worth 3 times more than Ethereum.

The market capitalization of Ethereum is next highest after Bitcoin and according to recent predictions it will continue to increase in 2020 and onwards. Here is its market trend:


latest Ethereum market trend



XRP is third in the list of most popular cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. It’s a native asset that has been amazing in transactions and payment system. Using this you can settle payments in just 3-5 seconds which is super fast and is also safer.XRP can be sent to another person easily without the need of a central intermediary. Ripple is inexpensive and it is more scalable than other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple can easily cross 100$ and more likely it can reach up to 400$ but it cannot be a good investment in one year as the price will not be going to increase to large extinct and according to many analysts it will going to fall by 0.02$ by this year so you may say there is some risk in investing in this cryptocurrency.


XRP market capitalization trend 2020



Tether is also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. The best thing about this currency is that its stablecoin that means that its value remains equal to 1 US dollar.

This cryptocurrency is attached to other paper currency like Euros, Dollar, Yen and this enables you to buy, sell and store digital tokens at a very affordable cost. Tether is transparent as well as very secure payment and aims to save its user from buoyancy by being providing real-world options.

Tether is best for long term investment. You can easily get a profit margin of +2.14% in one year if you invest properly and wisely. Here is the 2020 market capitalization trend of tether:


Tether market capitalization 2020


Bitcoin Cash:

In August 2017, Bitcoin Cash came into existence. The main reason it was invented was that in May 2017, a payment through Bitcoin took nearly fours days which was too much for a small transaction so to make transactions faster smoother as well as secure, Bitcoin Cash was introduced.

According to analysts, its price will be 550$ at the end of 2020 and will continue to increase.Its price will touch 1100$ by 2025 which makes it a great currency to invest in. Here is the future trend of Bitcoin Cash:




Hence Cryptocurrency is the best investment but it’s important that you should do it properly to make it happen for you. Invest in the currency whose market trend is increasing and also at the same time has high cryptocurrency market capitalization value. We have discussed some of the top names that are best for investments if you want to share your views about the Cryptocurrency, let us know in the comment section.


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