It’s bad news for Tesla as the company lost 14billion$ because of the erred tweet. According to trending tech News, Elon Musk tweet on twitter that tesla share prices are too high in these days. Not only this twitter also fined 3billion$ to Tesla because of advertising wrong calculations to its 3 million followers.

Now the question arises that why Elon did this? well according to some people the reason would be overselling his stocks, its just sort of advertising his business but the way he used was extremely wong and it hurt the soul of thousands of its followers.

 Elon Musk is a technology entrepreneur with having a net worth of 38.8 billion dollars. He is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, and has introduced several projects like Starlink that mission is to provide free internet to the world.

Has Elon done a similar tweet before?

According to the latest technology news, Elon musk tweet on twitter drained 14billion$ from Tesla company that’s a big loss, and Elon will surely take some action regarding this. This is not the first time, In 2018 Elon twitter tweet lead him fine of 20 million$ by regulators of the New York stock market.

Theirs no doubt that Elon musk Tesla shared price has risen this year taking the electric car revenue to almost 100billion$ making it one of the biggest electric companies thus all investors have an eye on his Elon Musk tweets.

Is Elon tweet on twitter headache for investors?

One of his tweets on detaching Tesla from the stock market caused him a big fine and investors also warned him to stay away from these acts as it gives the stock market a big loss. Thus there have been many occasions where Elon tweets are shocking news for all investors and stock market shareholders. What you say about this tweet. We would love to know your point of view.


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