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What is a drone:

You might saw drones in movies that are reviving humanity but exactly don’t know what is a drone and how the use of drones can help plant trees.. Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are machines that don’t require a pilot to fly and can fly tirelessly for hours as long as they have fuel in their body.

Today drones are used in many sectors like military, agricultural industry, Photography, etc. Now you understand the uses of drones and its importance in the 21-century let’s check its importance in forestry.

Saving of Forests through the use of drones: 

Saving of Forests through the use of drones

 Now you might be asking why do we use it for planting as we have men to do it. So before answering this, we should know that in the world forest are declining day by day. The prime reason is the construction of new houses, and that is causing their decline.

According to World Wide Fund, Forest is declining at the rate equals to eliminating 48 football grounds that are quite embarrassing. That’s the prime reason for the worldwide increase in Temperature. Glaciers are melting, and so do other habitats are being destroyed, so for eliminating it, we should plant new trees, and it’s a fact that 350,000 trees need to be restored only in coastal Areas.

What about the rest of the world? Their significant amount that needs more and we need automation for it. Thus saving of forests through the use of drones for humanity should be our prime goal

Who invented this drone:

Saving of Forests through the use of drones

British Engineers of Biocarbon Department have invented this drone. These drones are designed primarily to allow mass plantation of seeds by using technology.

The Engineers collaborated with Mayanmar Nonprofit organization for saving of forests in coastal Areas, and till 2018 the plants have grown to about 20inches, which is a great achievement of science. The nonprofit organization has planted nearly 6 million trees in the past seven years.

Hopefully, they will do it in almost a year with this new technology, so using drones for this purpose sounds excellent. 

How the use of drones can help plant seeds:

Saving of Forests through the use of drones

Okay, so you got the idea of what is a drone now I will tell you how it can be used for saving of forests. The drone first visits the particular site and sees the soil using its advanced technology. This helps it in identifying the type of soil. After that, It fires a biodegradable item over the earth that contains the seed.

The seed starts to grow as water is provided to it. These Drones are pretty energetics, and according to the Engineers, ten drones are enough to pot nearly 10 drones a day, which shows how well this technology can perform and make the world safe and secure.

New Jobs opportunity:

Due to COVID-19, people have lost jobs, and millions are suffering, so this new concept will be a great initiative and will open new doors to the job industry, But you might be asking how it might be creating new jobs.

Well creating a new drone is itself a process and that creates a team of designers who design its structure in computer and then print out a blueprint of it, and after that, you need to create that, and that creates a lot of workers and staff thus creating a lot of job opportunities.

Similar goes for the person that is operating it and taking care of it. Therefore, it would be producing millions of jobs for all types of people, starting from laborers,Engineers, technicians, designers, and a lot more.


Thus Drones are an excellent means of providing the world with millions of new plants. The best part of this industry is that it saves a lot of time as we have discussed that it takes only a few drones to thousands of seeds a day, which is quite economical.

This will also open new doors to the agriculture sector and create a lot of new jobs and revenue. Thus the use of drones can make our life easier and healthier. If you have a better definition of what is a droneparticularly planting drones, please let us know in the comment section.

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